10 Men’s Hairstyles You’ve Got to Try in 2024

Men’s hairstyles are evolving in 2024, and we don’t want you to be left behind. Whether you’re looking to make a drastic change or go for something subtle, there really is something for everyone. Below, you’ll find ten new men’s hairstyles in 2024 you’ve got to try.


#1 The Buzzcut

The traditional buzz cut is a classic among busy guys who appreciate its clean, uncomplicated style and manly vibe. This easy cut looks surprisingly good when faded to bald in the back and on the sides. With the exception of the occasional trim, it requires very little maintenance.

#2 The Mullet

The classic mullet haircut is one men’s hairstyle that’s making an exciting comeback and grabbing attention in 2024. It used to be associated with nostalgia, but has popped up in 2024. Now, it’s worn by those looking to make a bold and unique statement. This look will require some maintenance as it’s a very styled cut.

#3 The Crew Cut

Like the buzz cut or comb-over, the crew cut is a classic that will never go out of style. This tapered cut is instantly identifiable since the hair on top usually stands upright. It begins with short hair on top and fades into ever-shorter hair on the sides. This men’s hairstyle is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to style their hair in the mornings.

#4 The Mohawk

The beginning of a mohawk is a thin, spiky line of hair that extends from the forehead to the back of the head. It can be a little over an inch long and at least six inches high. This style will definitely require maintenance, as the sides are far shorter than the top. As this grows out, it will lose shape, so it needs to be maintained.

#5 The Ivy League

Adding a side part to a traditional crew cut creates the Ivy League cut, which is significantly more adaptable than either of those cuts alone. The hair may be easily styled at home by simply sweeping the front section to one side and using a strong hold product to hold it in place.

#6 The Curly High Top

The curly high-top is a popular style for men with an oval face and curly hair. It accents the natural curls on top while keeping the sides of the hair clean and tapered. This striking and expressive look is certain to draw attention. For this look to work well, you need to ensure your curls are in top shape using a curling cream or gel.

#7 The Pompadour

The pompadour is still a staple of men’s hairstyles, a timeless classic with a contemporary touch. For the rest of 2024, anticipate versions with fading sides and textured tops. It requires a lot of upkeep; to maintain it, you must style it daily. Although it looks excellent on most face forms, a pompadour is more flattering on those with longer faces.

#8 The Messy Quiff

If you are looking for a messy look, this is the style for you. It works for both professional men’s hairstyles and casual occasions since it strikes the ideal balance between polished and laid-back. This look is generally low-maintenance and won’t need much upkeep.

#9 The Comb Over

A comb-over haircut is a perfect option for men who want a polished appearance without going over the top. Depending on your preference, this haircut will have a different effect. It looks very different with a full beard than it does with a tapered fade.

#10 The Boy Band Look

These days, the look of young men is taking us back several decades. This style can be worn long through the back and sides so that the hair tucks behind the ears or disconnected short sides that build up weight through the back to create a head-hugging appearance.

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