Men’s Beard Grooming Essentials: A Barber’s Take on the Basic Care Toolkit

We all hear about specialized oils, brushes, shampoo, and so many more products that are needed to keep your facial hair in top shape. However, how are you supposed to know what products among the many are actually essential? We have put together a basic beard grooming toolkit to make it easier for you to know your essentials.


Specialized Shampoos & Creams

The first step in any good grooming routine is to properly shampoo your facial hair with a specially formulated shampoo. Facial hair is different from regular hair; it is coarser and thicker, so it needs different shampoo products that will work well for it. Even though all shampoos are meant to clean, this type of shampoo is specially made to soften, moisturize, and scent your groomed beard without drying out the skin underneath. 

Beard balm is similar to wax; the difference is that the beeswax is removed from the product to make it lighter. Creams can be used for style and have a light hold. Although you won’t be able to lay your head on your facial hair, you can manage those bothersome anomalies and give it some basic structure.

Oil & Balm

An itchy beard is something that almost all men have experienced at some point. One of the best beard grooming tips you can find is good quality oil. Dandruff can result from scratching dead skin. Oils stop dandruff and itching while giving the skin under the hair the required moisture. They are a mixture of essential and carrier oils that penetrate the skin to provide long-lasting hydration in addition to hydrating the follicles of your current hair. 

Balms can be used once your facial hair has been thoroughly cleaned. These products provide a good amount of moisturization and will also help minimize dandruff. The beneficial combination of natural ingredients and essential oils in this type of balm protects face hair strands from external factors. When the hair is exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, wind, or sunlight, it can lose protein and cause damage to the strands. Beard balm, on the other hand, offers a thin protective coating that keeps your facial hair from falling out in bad conditions while also nourishing the skin underneath.

Trimmers & Brushes

Specialized brushes may seem like an added extra; however, they are definitely a beard grooming essential. Brushing your facial hair stimulates the skin underneath and leads to better blood flow. As a result, your hair follicles receive more nutrients, which may promote healthier and quicker growth. 

Trimmers & Brushes

If you have a specific style, whether long or short, a trimmer should be an essential part of your routine. Owning one of these devices will keep your facial hair in shape, and if you don’t want it too long, it will also enable you to keep it at the desired length. However, some men struggle with trimming their own beards. That’s where a good barber comes in, as they will assist you in keeping it in shape.

Artisan Barbershop: Perfecting Your Beard Grooming Routine

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