Spring Beard Care: Get Your Mane Ready

Adequate beard care in the summer months is important. As the humidity and temperatures rise, you’ll begin to feel the difference. You may experience breakouts, or the humidity may make your mane more difficult to control. In this blog, we’ll discuss how warmer weather could affect your beard. We’ll also give you tips on how to keep it in top shape.


Wash Often

When the weather is hot and sunny, the increased heat will cause you to sweat more. Damp facial hair is more likely to trap food and dust, leading to clogged pores and inconvenient breakouts. So, beyond comfort and appearance, adequate beard care during the spring and summer is hygienic. And getting started is easy–simply wash it regularly. Use cool water and a gentle shampoo, then pat it dry with a towel.

Moisturize with Oil

It’s also a good idea to use beard oil. Since you may be washing or wiping your facial hair more often, you may have to deal with another surprising problem: dryness and itchiness. Oils are a great way to prevent discomfort or dry, flaky skin. They provide deep moisture to enhance hair health. A good oil should feel light and fresh, and despite its added moisture, it doesn’t clog pores.

Style with Balms

Since your mane is more prone to frizzing and losing shape, a balm is another good addition to your beard care routine. Both oils and balms can nourish and moisturize, but the latter can also help with styling. Good quality products can lock in moisture that releases slowly throughout the day, keeping your beard hydrated and fresh while staying in style or shape. Note that while oils can be used daily, balms should be used as needed.

Brush & Trim

Regular trimming is necessary if you want to maintain its professional and stylish appearance during the warmer months. If your mane is thicker and longer, it would be better to keep it lighter and shorter in the summer. Trimming will help because when it’s shorter, it’s not as affected by humidity. It’s also cooler, which could result in having less sweat collect in your facial hair and clog your pores. You can visit your neighborhood barbershop for their professional barber services and get it expertly cut, making maintenance easier.

A Whole New Look with Artisan Barbers

The warmer weather doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your mane. Avoid dryness, itching, and flakiness with regular washing, exfoliation, and conditioning. Use oils and balms to add much-needed moisture and protection. 

Of course, regular shaping and trimming will allow you to try new looks while preserving its health and shape. If you’re looking for professional barber services, browse our offerings online. Artisan Barber’s experts offer trims, cuts, maintenance, and everything in between. We’ll keep you looking impeccable.